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Idukki is a picturesque place which lies in the Western Ghats of Kerala. The district has its headquarters at Painav. Idukki gets its name from the word “Idukku,” which means “gorge.” Idukki is one of the best tourist destinations for the nature lovers and tourists. The specatcular view from the mist covered hills of Idukki attracts people across the world to enjoy this serene atmosphere. This high range district of Kerala, is rich in natural beauty and wilderness .

About 97 per cent of the total area of Idukki district is covered with forests and mounatins which lie at an altitudinal range of 750 m to 2000m. The land locked district, idukki has the leading wildlife santury in the country, which stretches for more than 777 kilometres, is considered to be home to a variety of wild animal species. A lot of deer, giant squirrels, and Malabar squirrels can be seen here. The hill station is also home to a variety of floras that add to the scenic beauty of Idukki.

The District’s early history is shrouded in mystery. There is no conclusive evidence for the Palaeolithic period. Idukki was formerly ruled by the Chera dynasty and the Kongu Nadu. Kuzhumoor, the Chera dynasty’s capital, was located in Kumaly, in present peerumede thaluk. European planters arrived in Idukki when the British invaded Kerala. In 1877, the Poonjar king, Kerala Varma, leased 227 sq kms of land to a British planter named John Danial Manroe. This led to the development of estates in the high range areas. Idukki district was created by merging Devikulam, Udumbanchola and Peerumade Taluks of erstwhile Kottayam District with Thodupuzha Taluk of erstwhile Ernakulam district on 26th January, 1972.

The three rivers namely Periyar, Thalayar and Thodupuzhayar as well as their tributaries keep Idukki evergreen and nature rich. They are not only a source of power generation and irrigation but also a habitat for a variety of flora and fauna that add to Idukki’s charisma . Spices of Idukki has already earned international acclaim. Idukki is also renowned for its extensive tea plantations that run along the hill slopes. Idukki is the pinnacle of the mists. Only a road connects Idukki to the rest of the world. This district does not have a rail or air link. The district is traversed by National Highway 49 and State Highways 13 and 33.

As a part of Digital India, the first district in India to get connected with super- fast broad band system is Idukki. Ridges, greenery, lagoons, rivers, and

waterfalls are bountiful in Idukki, which are alluring visitors and leaving them with undying memories.

Exploring the natural scenery and wilderness of this tranquil destination should be on everyone’s bucket list. The following are the major tourist hotspots of Idukki that should not be missed:

Top Tourist Attractions in Idukki

  1. Munnar
  2. Idukki Arch dam
  3. Periyar National park
  4. Chathurangapara view point
  5. Suryanelli
  6. Kalvary mount
  7. Vattavada
  8. Kuttikkanam
  9. Parunthumpara
  10. Kanthalloor
  11. Mathikettan shola national park
  12. Pampadum shola national park Anamudi peak
  13. Mattupetti dam Pothamedu view point
  14. Eravikulam national park
  15. Cheeyappara waterwalls Vagamon
  16. Anamudi shola national park
  17. Power house falls
  18. Panchalimedu
  19. Ramakkalmedu
  20. Anchuruli waterfalls
  21. Cheruthoni dam
  22. Malankara dam
  23. Valara waterfalls
  24. Keezharkuthu falls
  25. Thommankuthu falls
  26. Mangala devi temple
  27. Murikkady
  28. Thumpachi kalveri samuchayam
  29. Meesha pulimala
  30. Ayyapancoil hanging bridge
  31. Nandukani
  32. Anakkara
  33. Painavu
  34. Hill view park
  35. Kulamavu dam


Munnar is the most well-known tourist destination in the Idukki district of kerala. Munnar is a hill station about 1600 metres above sea level which is home to the world’s largest tea plantation. Munnar is an ideal destination for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Munnar promises a cool climate throughout the

year. We will be enthralled by everything we see here including the misty hills, valleys, lakes, waterfalls, tea plantations, and unique flora and fauna.

Idukki Arch dam

The Idukki Arch dam is built in Kerala, in a valley between the Kuravan and Kurathi hills, across the Periyar River. This pompous dam, which stands at

167.68 metres (550 feet), is one of Asia’s tallest arch dams. The government of kerala constructed the magnificient Idukki Arch dam in 1975.

Periyar National park

Periyar Tiger Reserve National Park is one amongst the 27 tiger reserves of India located in the Idukki district of kerala, with spectacular scenery and a diverse ecosystem. Periyar National Park is an elephant lover’s paradise. In this relatively quiet corner of the forest, there’s a fair chance of seeing an occasional tiger. Visitors can spot tigers approaching the water from motorboats or watchtower especially in the months of March and April as they constitue the hottest period of an year.

Timings for tour 07:30 am to 09:30 am

11:30 am to 12:30 am

01:30 pm to 02:30 pm

03:30 pm to 05:30 pm

Chathurangapara view point

Chathurangapara is a hilltop viewpoint situated on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the district of Idukki. Chathurangapara view point, which is surrounded by windmills, offers a panoramic view of the Idukki hill station.


Suryanelli is a resort settlement surrounded by tea plantations and resorts in the village of Chinnakanal in Idukki district. It is located 40 km South East of the famous tourist destination of Munnar.

Kalvary mount

One of the Idukki tourist attractions is the Kalvari or Calvary Mount, which is a mountain located 5 kilometres from Idukki. The Kalyanathandu viewpoint on Calvary Mount provides breathtaking views of the calm waters of the reservoir between the Kuravan and Kurathi Hills, as well as the Idukki Dam.


Vattavada is renowned for its vegetables, has an equable climate and ample sunlights all year round . Slopes of the multi-colored crop fields, beautiful trees and rare butterfly species are all atttractions of Vattavada


Kuttikanam is one of Idukki’s best trekking as well as adventure sport destinations. The trails are wonderful and the sight of the surrounding hills and the lush greenery are awe-inspiring. Aroma of Cardamom and tea plantations gives visitors an unforgettable experience.


Parunthumpara, or ‘Eagle Rock,’ is a place known for its primitive natural beauty and is located near Peermedu in the Idukki district. An aerial view of beautiful landscape and sprawling greenery is a going to be a visual treat for the visitors.


Kanthalloor is a perfect destination for any nature lover because of its scenic landscapes and pleasant atmosphere. Kanthalloor, a small hamlet located in Kerala’s Idukki district is comfortably nestled in the Western Ghats. Kantahlloor is surrounded by green hills, valleys and splendid farm fields which make this place superbly apt location for capturing photographs.

Mathikettan shola national park

Mathikettan shola national park was designated as a national park due to its distinctive characteristics of the shola forests and importance of Mathikettan region as a major elephant corridor in south India. Trekkers in the Mathikettan shola national park enjoy seeing birds and animals in their natural environment.

Pampadum shola national park

The Pambadum Shola National Park which is Kerala’s smallest national park provides an adventure trekking option called ‘Nature Trail to the Watch Tower’ via the Munnar-Kodaikanal forest road to the Watch Tower at Vandaravu.

Anamudi peak

The shape of the mountain which resembles the head of an elephant, has earned Anamudi the nickname “elephant’s forehead.” Anamudi is the highest point in Southern India,with a height of 8,842 feet. Anamudi peak which is located in the district of Idukki, provides a stunning experience tourists.

Mattupetti dam

Mattupetty is one of the most favourite destinations of tourists in Munnar. Mattupetty surrounded by beautiful tea plantations and forests is an ideal place for trekking and is a home to a range of rare bird species.

Pothamedu view point

Pothanmedu is a must-see spot for adventurers and nature lovers in idukki. It is renowned for its scenic surroundings offering an extensive view of Munnar and the surrounding valleys which are blanketed in greenery.

Eravikulam national park

Eravikulam National Park situated along the Western Ghats in the Idukki district is the only place in kerala where The Nilgiri Tahr can be seen.

Eravikulam National Park becomes a popular and most visited tourist destination during ‘neelakurinji’ blooming seasons. Neelakurinji is a rare plant which blooms once in twelve years.

Cheeyappara waterwalls

The Cheeyappara Waterfalls is located in the Idukki district. The Cheeyappara Waterfall is a seven-step cascade and visitors who love trekking must visit this place.


The mesmerising beauty and unique landscape of Vagamon hill station situated in Idukki district is incredible. This quaint place provides visitors many entertainments including mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing and paragliding.

Anamudi shola national park

Anamudi Shola National Park, a stunning national reserve located in the Idukki district of Kerala. Scheduling a trek is the best idea to see different attraction of this place.

Power house falls

The Power House waterfalls also known as Chinnakanal Waterfalls is located about 18 kilometres from Munnar is one of Kerala’s top attracted destinations.


Panchalimedu, a historical site in Kerala’s Idukki district, has gained prominence as one of the state’s most pure and graceful hill stations over time.


Ramakkalmedu, at 3500 feet above sea level, provides an aerial view. The historical monument of Kuravan and Kurathi, a massive statue depicting Kerala’s Sangam period, is the most distinguishing attribute of the Ramakkalmedu.

Anchuruli Waterfalls

Anchuruli Waterfalls is a dreamlike place certainly worth visiting, located in Western Ghats, offers a breath taking view of the semi-evergreen grasslands.

Cheruthoni dam

Cheruthoni dam is an ideal tourist spot constructed across the Periyar River in 1976 in the district of idukki. 138 meter tall Cheruthoni dam is the third highest dam in the country and also the largest concrete gravity dam.

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