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Malankara dam which was built for irrigation purposes across the Thodupuzha River, a tributary of the Muvattupuzha River, is a popular tourist attraction situated in the nature rich district of Idukki in Kerala. Malankara dam which is an artificial lake located   near Thodupuzha – Moolamatton road (State Highway 33) spreads over an area of 11 square km. The Malankara dam, unlike the Idukki and Cheruthoni dams, is open to visitors throughout the year.

Malankara reservoir is an ideal destination for fishing and boating. The Malankara Dam has built an artificial lake across the waters from the Moolamattom Power House’s tailgate. As the dam is lesser-known, it has managed to maintain its natural beauty. Malankara Dam is a must see place in Idukki if a tourist is looking for a serene and a quaint place.

A small park has been built near the dam’s reservoir for attracting visitors especially families.  The most beautiful place in the catchment area of the dam is the entrance area. Vehicles are no longer allowed on the elevated region that stretches to the reservoir. Taking photograph near the ticket booth is not permitted. There is a warning board kept here saying that only those who know swimming should get into the cool water of the reservoir. The park has many swings, see-saws and slides which will undoubtedly entertain children. Tiles have been paved in the walkway around the park. Several benches are arranged here from where one can enjoy and admire the tranquilly of the water. This is an ideal location to spend some quality time with one’s family in the evening.

From the local restaurant near the dam’s entrance, one can get a bowl of delicious hot kanji (rice porridge), boiled tapioca and fish curry. Other than boating and fishing, one can engage in nature photography and walk along the lake side. The location is also suitable for filming.

The adjacent island near the dam spreading over an area of 15 acres coupled with a beautiful garden has doubled the beauty of Malankara dam. From the top of the irrigation house, there are facilities for viewing the dam’s beauty. A prior permission from the respective department is required for visiting the small electricity power house at the dam. The construction of the Malankara dam is modelled on the Malampuzha dam with a combination of hydel mechanism and natural beauty. The island created near the dam is intended to preserve a variety of plant species and to plant more flowering plants.

The plan for hydel tourism in this place is postponed due to security concerns. Within the dam, photography is forbidden, and the entrance gate is sometimes locked. If this occurs, there is a spot away from the main gate where you can admire the dam’s beauty. Tourists can always visit nearby places.

Facts About Malankara Dam

Location : Thodupuzha District : Idukki

State : Kerala Country : India

Type of Dam : Gravity dam

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Malankara dam is in winter season. Evening and morning is also a suitable time of the day for enjoying this beautiful spot. Days are very hot in summer season.

Nearby Places to Visit in Malankara Dam

Thommankuthu, a 27-kilometer drive from the Malankara dam, has a waterfall that is worth visiting. Elaveezha Poonchira, 6 kilometres upstream, is a pleasant place for picnickers and suitable for trekking. At a distance of 6 kilometres from the dam, there is also a picturesque hillock. If you have enough time while visiting Malankara Dam, you can also visit the nearby attractions. While you’re there, make sure that children are safe.

Entry Fee

No entry fee

How to Reach?

By air : Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport which is about 59 kilometers away from Malankara dam.

By rail: kottayam railway station is the nearby railway station located at a distance of 52 kilometres from Malankara dam

By bus: buses and autos are available from Thodupuzha town. Nearest bus stand: Muttom

Cabs are ready to take you to your destination after you get down from the train or flight. Parking areas for private vehicles are available.

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