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Nelliyampathy is a spectacular hill station in Palakkad district of Kerala in India. The hills of Nelliyampathy are surrounded by coffee, tea, and orange plantations. Nelliyampathy hill, located at a height of 4600 feet above sea level, is reached after 23 hairpin turns through the thick forests of Western Ghats .

The path to Nelliyampathy is stunning with fresh cool air and the view of gooseberry trees on both sides of the road. On the way, you can see the beautiful Pothundy Reservor . Elephants, bison, Langur, and deer, and other species can be spotted in the dense forest on your trip to Nelliyampathy.

Nelliyampathy offers an amazing destination for visitors from all over the world, due to its abundance of flora, fauna, and idyllic tourist locations. The vibrant Nenmara Vellanghy vela festival, taking place in the month of April is a popular event in Nelliyampathy. All of these factors combine to make Nelliyampathy an ideal vacation spot for all types of visitors. Nelliyampathy is a nature lover’s heaven, with massive trees, giant honeycombs, chirping of birds, stunning scenery, and tiny bubbling mountain streams. The serene and scenic backdrop of the Nelliyampathy hills makes the dam’s environment an ideal spot for an excursion.

Fact files

District : Palakkad

State : Kerala Country : India

Must visit Places around Nelliyampathy : Nenmara, Palagapandi Estate, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Seetharkundu Viewpoint, Padagiri, Pothundi Reservoir, Malampuzha Gardens, Raja’s Cliff

How to Reach Nelliyampathy?

By flight

The closest airport to Nelliyampathy is Coimbatore International Airport, which is around 120 kilometers away. The airport has good connections to many major

Indian cities as well as countries like the Middle East. Outside the airport, taxis are readily available for a comfortable ride to the town.

By rail

The nearest railway station is Palakkad, which is approximately 55 kilometers away from Nelliyampathy. It is connected with many other major Indian cities. To get to your desired place, take a taxi or cab from the station.

By road

Nelliyampathy is well-connected to a number of cities through proper bus service. The closest point is Nemara which is easily accessible from other cities. Within the state, both state-owned and private buses run frequently.

Local transport

Nelliyampathy is a hill town where travelling from one city to another is easy with a taxi or cab. Choose a taxi, considering the rocky terrain of the town.

Another alternative is to rent a private jeep, which is also regarded as a viable option. A walk through this charming hilly area can also be considered.

The best time to visit Nelliyampathy


The best time to visit Nelliyampathy is during the winter season. This season is particularly pleasant, with a gentle breeze blowing throughout. You will be rejuvenated by the cool mist and tranquil atmosphere. You may go for a boating or a trekking through the beautiful hills. During this time, you can see a lot of wild animals and migratory birds as well. The aroma of tea plantations is unquestionably reviving.


The weather is clear during the summer season. Summer is also a perfect time for visiting Nelliyampathy. With a wide range of animals roaming around , the lush vegetation of the area appears to be captivating. Animals can be seen wandering around water bodies. The breezy weather clubbed with the good climate make the place suitable for activities like boating and trekking. The tea, coffee, orange plantations of Nelliyampathy are worth visiting. During the summer, Nelliyampathy is also home to a variety of water reservoirs that shine with refreshing cool water and look incredibly pretty. A trip to Nelliyampathy during summer season would be a fantastic experience.


During these months, Nelliyampathy receives heavy rainfall. The beauty of the landscape is doubled during rainy season. Don’t forget to carry an umbrella and warm clothes as the temperature drops, especially at night.

Thing to do in Nelliyampathy

Leisure activities in Nelliyampathy provide a diverse choices for people of all ages throughout the year. Nelliyampathy has a plethora of opulent shopping centres, resorts, hotels, and spas to make your journey to Nelliyampathy as relaxing as possible. Various activities in Nelliyampathy are a must try for a soothing vacation.


Nelliyampathy is a popular destination for adventurers. Its dense forests, narrow paths that cut through them, and rough terrain attract trekkers from all over the world. Adventurers will love Nelliyampathy. Nelliyampathy has a plethora of trekking trails. The hillocks of Nelliyampathy can provide some exciting experiences. There are trekking paths connecting Seethargundu, Palakpandy, Kesavan Para, and Kara Para. For trekking, dress appropriately and carry plenty of drinking water.


Nelliyampathy is a spectacular sightseeing location, surrounded by the captivating beauty of pristine hills, lofty peaks, and splendid plantation areas.

Nelliyampathy has a few peaks with breath-taking views. One such stunning location is Raja’s Cliff in Mampara. This extremely steep point is the perfect vantage point for viewing the reservoir and other nearby attractions. This peak provides views of the Chaliyar, Meenkara, and Aliyar dams, as well as Pollachi and Coimbatore in Tamilnadu. Don’t forget to include this amazing location in your bucket list. Undoubtedly, Nelliyampathy is a must visit place.

A walk

Visitors can thoroughly enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty of Nelliyampathy by taking a walk amidst the tea, coffee and spice plantations . This is the perfect destination for a plantation walk.


Nelliyampathy is a great place to go for boating because there are so many water bodies and reservoirs. Moreover, tourists can admire the phenomenal beauty of this hill station while boating around it.

Bird Watching

Birdwatchers will fall in love with Nelliyampathy. The Nelliyampathy Hills are home to a diverse range of bird species. Malabar Hornbill, Indian Woodpecker, Red Jungle Fowl, Owls, and various parrots can all be found here. This location is also home to a variety of wildlife. Malabar Squirrels can be found here.


Local markets of Nelliyampathy can satisfy your shopping needs. You can purchase some of the best or most natural varieties of tea and coffee from this market.

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