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If you want to visit a stunning destination in Kerala, then plan a trip to Ponmudi hill station located in Thiruvananthapuram district. Ponmudi nestled among beautiful valleys and enormous hills is a splendid location that one must visit.

Ponmudi provides spectacular views of the hills from almost every vantage point. This location offers many sights including tranquil local towns, vast tea estates, rubber and cardamom plantations, and tiny cottages. Deer Park, Meenmutty Falls, Ponmudi Waterfalls, and Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary are just a few of the fascinating sites to see in Ponmudi. Mountain flowers, wild orchids, and unusual butterflies are among the rare flora and fauna found here. The weather is pleasant all year. On the route, one can always take a break at the stunning Kallar River and at the gorgeous Meenmutty Waterfall. Another fantastic attraction is the tree house view tower. Ponmudi is a growing tourist destination as it has many thrilling activities to offer. The hills have lush vegetation, and the area has many interesting activities for visitors and nature enthusiasts. Trekking and hiking can be enjoyed by those who love adventure.

The ride to Ponmudi is made memorable by the lengthy and winding hairpin turns.

Fact files of Ponmudi

District: Thiruvananthapuram

State: Kerala

Country: India

Type: Hill station

Elevation: 1,100 m (3,600 ft)

Parent range: Western Ghats

Major activity: trekking, sightseeing, hill station, wildlife, adventure

Attractions: Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Echo Point, Mist-laden valleys, Deer park , Ponmudi Falls, Meenmutty Falls, Agasthyarkoodam, Koyikkal Palace

Activities in Ponmudi

Ponmudi has wonderful trekking trails for the tourists. You may spend the entire day trekking through the amazing paths, which will be a thrilling experience to you. Hiking to Varayadumotta, Ponmudi’s most popular hiking path, provides a splendid view of the hills as well as the Nilgiri Tahrs. This 18- kilometer trek (one side) is regarded as one of the most difficult treks in the district. Driving along this route is an exciting experience since cars and bikes must traverse 22 hairpin curves. Other nearby sights includes Golden Valley and a myriad of streams and waterfalls. The hills are home to a diverse range of wildlife. The Golden Valley offers views of the hills as well as access to the Kallar River.

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Echo Point, and several hiking locations are among the top tourist attractions in Ponmudi. Tourists are also captivated by the mist covered valleys, particularly Golden Valley near the Kallar River. Ponmudi Falls is around 1.5 kilometres from the hill station. Another tourist attraction in the area is Meenmutty Falls. Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the fringes of Ponmudi, is a sanctuary that houses a variety of birds and wild animals such as Asian elephants, Sambar, leopards, lion-tailed macaques, Malabar grey hornbills, and so on. Agasthyarkoodam, one of the tallest peaks in the Western Ghats, is another major attraction in the vicinity, with the highest peak standing at 1868 metres. Ponmudi is ideal for hiking and long relaxing walks. Ponmudi is a favourite location for visitors due to its verdant hills, meandering roads, charming cottages, and colourful birds and butterflies flying across the spice gardens and tea plantations. All these make Ponmudi a popular destination in Kerala.

Ponmudi is a trekker’s heaven, with a variety of scenic trails. Trekkers might like the treks to Varayattumotta, Chinnappulle, and Braemoor, which are guided and arranged by Ponmudi Vana Samrakshana Samithi. Treks to the Bonafalls, Vazahuvanthole, and Kalarkad waterfalls are among the other options. While participating in this activity, it is recommended to go with a local guide.

Trekking Trails Varayadumotta

Ponmudi has excellent trekking trails. Varayamuttom, one of the most popular trekking paths in Ponmudi, provides a splendid view of the hills as well as the Nilgiri Thar. Varayadu is the local name for Nilgiri Thar. It is a full-day hike that includes hiking an 1100m high mountain. The evergreen shola forest serves as the trek’s starting point.


Trekking to the Seethatheertham stream in Ponmudi is a 4 kilometre trekking trip. We can observe temple ruins as well as the footprints of Goddess Seetha, who is said to have quenched her thirst in this river. Herds of Elephants and gaurs can be seen here.


Ponmudi Ecotourism organises a 6-kilometer walk to the base camp of Varayadumotta Peak called Manachala. During the trek, you will be accompanied by a guide.


Ponmudi Eco-tourism undertakes an offseason hiking programme to the interior of Ponmudi’s woods in the Western Ghats region.

The best time to visit Ponmudi

Winter season

The best time to visit Ponmudi is during the winter season (November to March). The entire area is covered in mist and is mesmerizingly beautiful. The verdant trees, undulating hills, sparkling Kallar River, and dazzling waterfalls will provide you with breath-taking scenery that will make you feel refreshed and gives an unforgettable experience. During this time, you may not only see

the location, but also participate in the different activities like mountain climbing, paragliding, trekking and walking.

Summer season

Ponmudi, with its lush green vegetation, lovely waterfalls, and towering hills, is pretty in the summer. The heat of the day may make it difficult to explore, but the mornings and evenings are absolutely ideal for the trip. During the summer, Ponmudi becomes a popular picnic place for residents and those searching for a weekend vacation.


The weather is perfect for a trip to unwind and revitalise oneself. Also, a good time for a romantic trip; nevertheless, this is not the best time to come because you won’t be able to participate in adventure sports or see animals. It is, nonetheless, an excellent location for a weekend vacation.

How to Reach Ponmudi?

By flight

Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, located 57 kilometres away, is the nearest airport. You may then take a taxi or a bus to reach Ponmudi.

By train

Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station is the nearest railway station, located around 55 kilometres away from Ponmudi . From here you may take a bus or taxi to reach Ponmudi.

By road

Ponmudi is well-connected to all major cities in the district. To get to Ponmudi, you can catch a bus or hire a cab.

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