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Ranipuram, formerly known as ‘Madathumala,’ is a wonderful hill station located in Kasargod district of Kerala. Ranipuram is affectionately known as the “Queen of Grasslands,” and it is situated at an incredible height of 2,560ft (780 metres) above sea level. Ranipuram is home to an amazing variety of flora and fauna. Ranipuram is one of the least visited and pristine hill stations in Kerala.

Ranipuram is a spectacular tourist spot in northern part of Kerala. Ranipuram offers some of the best trekking trails and the location is ideal for a picnic. If you are lucky, you may even see a parade of elephants in this lovely location. Jeep ride is a popular activity here. Visitors will love this rides. The diverse vegetation, which encompasses evergreen shola woods, monsoon forests, and grasslands, makes it an ideal spot to unwind. A trip to Ranipuram will undoubtedly help you to forget your stress and to get rejuvenated. If you are a hiker or an environment enthusiast, then Ranipuram will be the perfect destination for you. The evergreen shola woods, vast meadows, and monsoon forests of Ranipuram will attract every visitor and make your trip an unforgettable one.

Ranipuram is near the Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary on the Kerala-Karnataka border. Ranipuram is nicknamed as the “Ooty of Kerala” since it has many parallels with the beauty and atmosphere of Ooty. Ranipuram promises a beautiful and serene destination for visitors who wish to enjoy the beauty of nature. Adventure lovers must visit this gorgeous hill station and engage in thrilling activities such as trekking, climbing, and wildlife spotting amid the rocky and lush surroundings of Ranipuram. Ranipuram is gifted with a serene environment and an awe-inspiring sight capable of alluring all the tourists coming here. Ranipuram, unaffected by the modernisation remains to be pure and pristine. The natural beauty of this quaint destination will persuade you to include this place in your bucket list.

Fact files of Ranipuram

District: Kasaragod

State: Kerala

Country: India

Type: hill station

Elevation: 780 m (2,560 ft)

Nickname: Ooty of Kerala

Activities in Ranipuram

Despite the fact that the hiking trails here are short, they provide incredible views of the surrounding area. It is better to trek during the day because it becomes slippery at dusk. It is a 2.5 to 3 kilometres trek from the bottom. As you trek, you may come across animals, especially elephants. As you approach the summit, you will have the opportunity to unwind under the bright blue sky and to enjoy the breath-taking sights.

The best time to visit Ranipuram

The ideal time for visiting Ranipuram is during winter season. It is better to avoid the visit during monsoon due to heavy rain. Therefore, the best time to visit Ranipuram is right after the rainy season.

Travel tips

Avoid the visit during noon in order to escape from the scorching heat of the sun.

For trekking, choose footwear with an excellent grip.

You are likely to come across leeches, so be careful of them.

While you are on your trek, don’t forget to carry water bottle with you. Carry some food items with you as there are not many restaurants here.

How To Reach Ranipuram?

By road

The nearest town is Kasaragod. You can hire a taxi or catch a bus from here to reach Ranipuram.

By train

Ranipuram is one of Kerala’s smallest hill stations, with no railway station. The nearest railway station is Kanhangad Railway Station which is around 45km from the hill station.

By flight

The nearest airport to Ranipuram is Mangalore International Airport, which is located around 115 kilometres away. Visitors can take private cabs or taxis from Mangalore to the location.

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