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Thangal Para is a noteworthy spiritual and religious attraction situated at Kolahamedu. Thangal Para in Vagamon, located on the Thangal hill, is a popular tourist destination as well as a Muslim holy place. The location exudes boundless beauty, peacefulness, and tranquillity. At the site, there is a rock as well as a tomb of Sheikh Fariuddin. The mosque is under the rock. A lot of tourists come here not just the pilgrims. The beauty of this landscape will mesmerize you and the breath-taking vista of mountains and lush foliage will leave you speechless. It is notable for the distinctive rock formation on the top of a rocky hill, which is located at a height of almost 2500 feet above sea level. This massive spherical rock structure at the summit of the hill holds the grave of Sheikh Fariduddin, an Afghan Sufi saint, and is a popular Muslim pilgrimage site.

Thangal Para is a great tourism attraction for families, adventure enthusiasts and environment lovers, as well as Muslim pilgrims. It is regarded as one of the most popular holy destinations for Muslim pilgrims. A small prayer centre has been built for pilgrims, and tourists are also welcomed here. Despite its status as a pilgrimage site, Thangalpara is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Vagamon, offering amazing views of the town and its surroundings. In this historic spot, there is also an ancient cave. The location is accessible by jeep and is a trekker’s heaven. To get to Thanaga Hill, visitors must first go via a muddy road and then via a difficult rocky route.

Fact files of Thangal Para

District: Idukki

State: Kerala

Country: India

Famous for: religious destination

Activities: trekking, exploring the cave and religious activities.

Events in Thangal Para

Every year, Thangal Para celebrates the big Uroos festival with tremendous enthusiasm. The festival takes place in the month of April. During the celebration, a unique sweet delicacy called Ganjusakkar is prepared and served to all attendees. On this auspicious day, thousands of people assemble to the hill to worship.

Legend of Thangal Para

Thangal Para, like any other sacred site, has a tale attached with it. Sheikh Fariduddin, an Afghan Sufi saint, is said to have arrived here with his 40 followers around 800 years ago. The saint lived here till his last breath. On top of the hill, there is a massive round rock structure that worshippers believe that the saint used this rock for grinding pan. It is believed that the rock which began to grow massively was originally a small stone. This stone became a huge rock after the saint’s death and the tomb of the saint is located right in front of this huge rock. You can also see a small masjid, prayer centre and a well here.

The Best Time to Visit Thangal Para

You can visit Thangal Para throughout the year. During monsoon, due to heavy rain, you may exclude this season for visiting this location.

How to Reach Thangal Para?

By flight

Cochin International airport is the closest airport to Vagamon which is at a distance of around 100 km. Thangal Para is just 5 km from Vagamon. You can take a public transport or can hire a taxi to reach the destination.

By rail

The Kottayam railway station is situated at a distance of 64 km from Vagamon. It is the nearest railway station. From here you can reach the destination by taking a bus or hiring a taxi.

By road

Thangal Para is located 5 kilometres from the city of Vagamon. Public transportation is available to take you to the Dargah. You may reach Thangal Para by taking the Elappara route. To get to the desired location, you will have to trek up the hill where it is located.

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