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Vagamon is a captivating destination located on the Idukki -kottayam border blessed with lush greenery, meandering streams and pine forest. Vagamon in the nature rich district of Idukki, in Kerala is situated at a height of 1200 meters above sea level. Vagamon with sprawling tea gardens, splendid meadows and deep valleys, promises an extraordinary experience to each visitor. Vagamon covered with grassy hills, lawns and cool air makes Vagamon the best place to spend holidays. The three hills namely; Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill, and Kurisumala symbolize religious unity of Vagamon. Thangal Para has the resting place of revered Sufi saint, Murugan hills is dedicated to lord muruga and kurisumala is a well-known Christian pilgrimage site are all said to represent the three main religions practiced by residents of Kerala.

Vagamon is a quaint town where one can unwind and enjoy the cool climate while sipping hot tea from one of the many tea shops nearby. The town offers plethora of vantage points from which one can view the breath-taking valleys that surround the hill station.


District : Idukki and kottayam

State : Kerala

Country: India


Vagamon may not have a long history since it was undiscovered for centuries. Despite the fact that the British had plantations here, it wasn’t until 1926 that Walter Duncan and Company began their tea plantations that it became popular. More tea plantations were established in the region during the 1930s. The famous Kurisumala Ashram was founded here in the 1950s, and this marked the beginning of its transformation into a well-known destination.

Attractions In vagamon

Vagamon Lake

Vagamon Lake is a serene lake surrounded by charming villages nestled in the midst of greenery. The lake is not a large one but attracts a lot of tourists as it renders different activities such as boating and therefore makes it a popular tourist destination.

Pine valley

The Vagamon Pine Forest, which towers over the valleys and grasslands, has become a common and favourite shooting location due to its mesmerizing beauty. Britishers founded and created the pine forest which was a calm and lonely place earlier. The forest covers you in harmony and offers you a relaxing opportunity to unwind. In the early morning, the shadows cast by the tall pine trees appear to be three-dimensional. The quality of experience is enhanced by streams flowing down the hills and the chirping of birds. The stone-paved lane is flanked with pine trees, invites one to take a stroll and relax.


Kurisumala is a place where spirituality and beauty intersect. Kurisumala which was established by Christian missionaries serves as a place of service and attracts pilgrims every year to come here. A visit to kurisumala will enthral every visitor with its rustic beauty of rural life and there is a dairy farm which is run by monks.

Thangal Para

It’s a one-of-a-kind spot where a massive rock lies at the edge of a revered Sufi saint’s grave. The pilgrimage site also has a spectacular view of the valley, which added to its popularity. You can trek right up to the next hill Kurisumala, from the foot of the Thangal para hill. The route provides a beautiful view of Mundakkayam city, which is known as the gateway to Kerala’s highlands.

Barren Hills

Barren Hills is a location in Vagamon that has a variety of scenery to offer depending on the season. During the monsoon and winter, it is covered in dense greenery, but during the summer, it may not have its greenery.

Idukki Dam

Idukki dam is world famous for its double curvature arch construction. Idukki dam which is one of Asia’s highest arch dams is just a two-hour drive from Vagamon. A spectacular view is what is promised to the visitor who takes a view from the Idukki dam. The Idukki dam built across Periyar River is nestled between kuravan and kurathi hills.

Suicide point

Suicide Point also known as paragliding view point is an awe-inspiring vantage point situated at Amreuthamedu in Vagamon . This v-shaped gorge is one of Vagamon’s most beautiful spots. A visitor can enjoy the cool breeze and astounding beauty of mountains and valleys from suicide point. The valley’s vertical extent seems to be an endless chasm. This is also known as Mundakayam Ghats or Amruthamedu and is a great trekking destination.

Activities in Vagamon



3)Trekking and mountaineering

The Best time to visit


The best time to enjoy the surreal beauty and cool atmosphere is summer season. As the temperature goes down, Vagamon is an attractive place to everyone except to those who are sensitive to coldness.


When it is scorching hot everywhere, Vagamon is an ideal place to chill out as it offers a cool atmosphere all the time.


Vagamon is more beautiful and greener in monsoon. Albeit raining may make it difficult to travel and participate in various activities, but the view and feel is so relieving and refreshing.

How to reach Vagamon?

By air: Cochin international airport is the nearest airport which is around 120 km from Vagamon. From the airport hire a cab to reach Vagamon.

By train : The nearest railway station is kottayam railway station. It  is 64  km away from Vagamon. People from different parts of the country can  reach here easily. After getting down from the train, one will have to travel by road to reach the hills.

By road : By road is the easiest and most convenient way to reach Vagamon. It is located around 100 km from Kochi and those who do not have a private vehicle need not be worried, as there is plenty of cab or taxi services available.

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